Growth in different perspectives



When my first child was born, I thought he was the most

Beautiful, wonderful, bright, smart, brilliant, and clever

Then, I was extremely happy, full of joy

Grateful and thankful for this miracle boy


After a while, when my precious child slowly grew up

He became so mature, to grow he didn't stop

He was still amazing, but causing a lot of mess

For a calm mother I was a little more stressed

When I tried to be demanding with rigorous rules,

I felt stupid sometimes or even like a fool

I was horrible, terrible, for losing my patience

Probably I caused him to make more of a mess


Now when I have more children after him

I'm older, smarter but life is more challenging

The process is absolutely very satisfying

Sometimes hard and painful, but can be enjoyable

But what I have learnt leaned from knowing who I am

Is that giving to myself is what makes me give to them


The End

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