a poem about daily event

I had to write a poem about every day, so what could be more "daily event " than sitting and doing assignments and h.w??

A Student's Life


Again you're here

 Sitting with the Equipment

Ready to start

And your time is limited

Because this is only

One of the duties in your life.

And you're motivated now

Wish to finish at least the tasks due tomorrow

But when you're start reading the first line

It's ringing.

You're answering because it's your mother

So you spent half of hour.

You're reading the second and third lines.

When you getting the fourth, you're hearing it again

Now I'm not answering! You're deciding

But you're regretting when you see the man who is calling

And another half of hour is passing.

Now you're decisive about this nuisance

But it's ringing again and again

And you're answering and answering

And answering

No wonder that when your time allotment

almost ends

You're realizing that

You didn't do today


The End

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