Everlasting crush


I wish that I could tell you

   Somehow let you know

        These feelings deep inside me

                Only continue to grow

But your already taken

            Does she see as I do

                    Does she admire you?

                              The way I truly do

I wonder if she notices

              The nervous laugh you sustain

                            If she even realizes

                                        Your far from plain

My thoughts can only ever be

                  Silent yearning contemplations

                                 I can not tell a single soul

                                         Of my pure hesitations

So I wait with patience

                 With hope and I stay

                             Watching in the shadows

                                       Anticipating for the day

Maybe you will one day notice

                     Maybe I can somehow let you know

                                 This everlasting crush I hold

                                                I simply can't let go



The End

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