Ever the HeroMature

The trials of being a hero...

"Oh, woe is me!" the heroine wailed

Whilst elsewhere the hero paled:

"Not another damsel in distress

How do they get themselves in this mess?"

Arming himself with all he could carry

The hero did not dither or tarry

Atop his strong and trusty steed

Away to the rescue the hero did speed

He had taken the oath that all heroes swore:

To ride without fear into the breach once more

And to do his very best at whatever cost

The meaning of which was not lost

On a hero who had fought many such fights

And who never questioned the wrongs or rights

Of rescuing damsels in distress

Even if was sometimes under duress

For this damsel, to him, was not unknown

To her rescue before he had flown

A dragon it was last time, a fearsome foe,

What the threat was this time he didn’t know

He was sure it would involve bloody confrontation

Which, afterwards, would result in another invitation

To spend the night in the rescued damsel’s bed

He may be a hero, but let it not go unsaid

That he was also just a man with manly needs

And sowing his amorous manly seeds

Between the thighs of a woman so recently afraid

Was one hell of a satisfying way to be repaid

For doing battle with a ferocious enemy

And emerging from the battle victoriously

So our reluctant hero is twice over admired

On horseback and in the bedroom is equally desired

Although bloodied and tired he was not yet bested:

Ever the hero he performed exactly as requested...

The End

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