ever druggedMature

something dark and heavy

Asphyxiated with your poison

Burning the corners of her lips

Give her, her last temptation

One last taste of that poison just one more time

Years of this abuse to her soul

Every moment pleasurable

Yet this poison in her bones controlled

Every year leaching into her cells 

Warming her from the cold

Making this right

Your poison makes this life alright

It burns, but it’s so bright

Against her darkness

She could be simple, she could be loved , she could be anything

Yet she is this, a dark heart with freedom

So this poison warms her as the streets freeze

As her eyelashes flutter over the taste

Lighting up those dark eyes

Let this poison make it the last time

Your poison something addictive

Let her fall from this world

Her lips dry and open gasping for air

She shakes as it seeps in further to her core

Your poison something delicious

She can’t escape

Ever drugged

Ever poisoned.

The End

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