My sweet Evangeline;
I love you.
You are the sun to break my darkest night,
The voice to heal my broken ears.
You are mine,
I am yours.
I'm sorry they don't see us as a couple, Evangeline;
Surely you don't listen when they call me insane.
I'm mad, 
But only for you my sweet.
Why are you crying?
Surely you're happy-
I love you like I have loved no other.
Why are you trying to yell?
The last time you tried,
I got so angry,
And I'm sorry I lashed out.
But we can't have you lying about how you don't love me!
You love me, Evangeline, and I love you,
Which is why I have you down here.
You can't lie to the outside world down here,
My sweet. 
I'm going to go,
But don't you make a sound.
I love you Evangeline,
And I'll see you tomorrow.

The End

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