I wrote this a while ago so it's not my newest stuff but I'd like to think its an ok poem about a deep kind of love.

Wisps of smoke

They rise in curls

As they ascend

The smoke unfurls

In shades of grey

In silver too

As it grows

Becomes thick like glue

Slowly they move

In all perfection

Yet not confined

To a particular direction

Towards the heavens

Thick and fast

Blown by the wind

It cannot last

But up it goes

Till it touches the sky

And melds with the stars

And with them fly

The two together

Hold on till the end

Till they reach their goal

And then they blend

The smoke becomes one

Then it dissipates

To spread across the world

And find their fates

And one day meet

And finally die

Their final days

Together up high

Love's like smoke

It's the way you feel

Not a physical touch

But ethereal

The End

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