I figured I'd try this whole soppy love poem thing out. I need to find me a muse.

This isn't a poem, let's get that straight.

A poem couldn't do you justice.

There are no words to describe your eyes

No sonnets for your heart.

I went to view the paintings

And they were things of beauty.

But your reality is better than any fiction

I don't want a work of art.

I can't hang you up on a wall

Nor can I capture your heart within a frame. 

Your beauty cannot be confined

Within a 9x12 space.

I can't tell you how much I love you

There is no book big enough 

To capture the essence of your soul

The beauty of your face.

Your beauty rests in deeds, not words. 

I can't find your soul in a book.

The way you make me feel can never be painted.

The world will never see what I see.


I can't organise your lips into paragraphs.

And I can't equate the freckles on your body.

The way I feel about you cannot be recorded, but it will forever be. 

I'll love you for eternity. 

The End

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