Eternal Happiness

I had almost slipped away under the heavy drapes of gloomy darkness

When I felt someone clasp my hand and make me face the sunny brightness

The light was too bright for me to see his face but I could hear him speak

His words were straight from his heart ,they mellowed my every painful creak

His presence turned the tides of time, no threads of sadness were to be seen

What I could hear was my laughter that was very evident even in my eye’s sheen

The days were filled with joy unknown , nights were twinkling with his cheerful grace

My soul transcended the stairs of eternity and I felt protected in the divine embrace

Things seemed so calm yet powerful with him being there, not leaving my side , never

But that day I heard some ripples ,it made me think whether he would be around, forever

I guess not, his destiny was awaiting him , beckoning him to step ahead and move on

It was time for me to let go of him ,take the stride of my life in my hands and head on

Time passed away , I could feel the daily abrasions push me again into the shell of sadness

I then realized what he had left behind, implanted in me was his gift of eternal happiness

The End

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