Eternal Dream

A poem for english class which I wrote.

It all started with a crisp chill. A fleeting sense of more to come, yet no will remains to chase the dreams. Dreams, never forgotten but ever lost. The ghost of the last morn, hanging around us, waiting for night. Struck with fright, we sit silent; forever doomed to fight. Fight but bedight our soul, bathing in the bribable. Still sin takes, trashes, thrashes. Nothin' spared. It all ended with a sudden salt; a taste of vile corruption. Dead, is what's left of the old, yet new walks. The new walks out of the dark, into day. Dreams, forgotten but never lost. The wraith of tomorrow, stealing the last breath. The end, the destruction, what we wanted, but want, we still do. Wanting, we reach out, yet there is nothing to grasp; we fall. Falling into the abyss which is tomorrow's today, so say we need no song to sing. Nevermore sing and allow for the corrupt to play a new rhyme. This light gets brighter every day. Hotter by night.It all ended with a surprised spark. A beckoning behemoth of the future. A light, flickering... Flickering... Flickering... A dream that ends.


The End

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