Poem about reminiscing, and two lovers meeting in afterlife. Again I don't believe in an afterlife, but this is for the poem.

Sun goes down; stars fly high, spinning in pirouettes in the sky

Even now, eyes aren’t dry, heart stays still, days go by

Till it’s time to say goodbye, when the last bit of dirt hits the ground

No sound, but moans, and memories

Can you me hear calling your voice

No choice to be the slave of these memories

Watch the past over and over

Like a movie in front me

No longer will I be able to be with you

You are just are part of my memory

Memories long dead and gone

And you know we went through this twice

Was so long ago, longer than I

Care to think about now

So why do I still cry as the days go by

When I realize my hearts still calling you

Calling for someone to hold onto

And now as I die, the skies open for me

Before I know you are there waiting for me

Our hearts are intertwined for eternity

The End

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