Etched For Eternity

The sheet of life lies blank and white

With the smudges of the ink of memory here and there

That tree of hopes now cold and bare

As autumn pulled away all its leaves

And they now lie littering the ground

In the aisles of my mind there is silence now

Except for the echoing from the refrains of your voice

On the barren landscape of my soul

Your footprints are there

Faded...but etched for eternity

They say that you have found your love

They say that I should give up on you

But each time I try,

Those smudges of memory and echoes of your voice

Come back to life

And i see your footprints faded but true

And so my soul looks out through the door of my eyes

That never shut for the fear of missing out on you

Sleepless night after night i spend

Waiting for a dawn..that won't come without you

The End

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