This is why you can't judge a book by its cover.
The silence presses my lips closed,
And following the sun, the terrors repeat.
Horror hides behind my teeth, behind my lips

Oh, it's here
It's here, at last.

The rain slides down my cheeks into the warm, fresh tears, making beautiful scenes upon the ground
A tale of a broken romance,
A cacophony of discordant love stories
The lies choke me, the cold fingers of trepidation tightening around my throat.
Scream out a new meaning, and find that fire that used to burn in your eyes,
And while everything falls, and their all is thrown upon you, your eyes and lips remain tightly sealed, like words, trapped in a locket and buried at sea, fathoms beneath the unforgiving waves.
I could hold your hand, but nothing could ever make you sleep peacefully again,
You'll be shaking forever, and the eyes will never stop staring.

Rage's burning kiss is upon my lips, and a battle cry bubbles up from the deepest depths of my Heart,
I know where you keep the knives; and I know where to keep the body. 

Defile every memory with your commentary of  defamation.
Disenchantment will become your every mote of light
You're filthy, monstrous.
You are the embodiment of everything despicable in this world.

Darling, if I ever find you, you'd better run. 
Run, and never look back. 

The End

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