Escaping Insanity

This is a poem about myself and something that happened to me recently. Something no one would believe me about, this is the poem of escaping a friends insanity.
NOTE- I am not much of a poet. In fact this is the second poem I have ever written.

Escaping Insanity

By Alexia Renee Knight



Two years ago, 

Under the big palm tree.

You gave me a secret to tow,

Something I could never see.

You spoke of a world,

One I didn't believe.

I almost hurled,

I couldn't even breathe.



I wanted to play,

I invested everything.

You showed me a way,

Yet I didn't understand a thing.

I watched you pretend,

You had it all figured out.

A plan in the end,

I wish I would have gotten out.



You tricked me to stay,

Everything just a ploy.

My emotions running wild,

They were just your toy.

You bent me till I broke,

I never put up a fight.

You said it was just a joke,

But I felt stuck with no might.



Hopeless and beat,

God answered my plea.

I stood on my own feet,

And said I had enough of this tea.

I quit her twisted game,

She had no hold on me.

I ran for the sane,

I ran to be free. 

The End

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