Self-expression again

One movement, that’s all it takes,

One movement and the pain flows from you,

Balancing the pain felt mentally with that felt physically,

You’re finally balanced in emotional and physical being.

Flowing into you is the tranquillity that comes with the pain,

And, for once, you can think straight,

You can weigh out the options of suffering or being in this other world again,

The choice is an easy one.

Being in the one place you have felt whole in for a while,

The only place that takes you far, far away from the anger and the pain that you feel.

So you return to it,

Again and again,

Again and again you feel the pain before the tranquillity,

The hurt before the peace,

Just like the calm before the storm,

Only the other way around,

But you know it’s not unusual for your life to be topsy turvy,

It always seems to be going wrong,



And centre.

You repeat this one movement when you find the need for an escape from the torture you feel inside,

The torture you find very nearly impossible to avoid.

No matter how hard you try,

That one little movement is the only way you have discovered to escape.

The End

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