I gaze at the open star-speckled sky

I will follow the North Star

It may take me awhile, but I'll be free at last

Come with me, it can't be very far with you

Run through the forest barefoot with me

Cross every valley

Leap over everything, but into faith

Let the wind sweep your feet off the ground

Dive into every body of water

Sleep in the fields of flowers sprinkled with fireflies

Don't Listen to any more of them

Love makes the rules

Listen to the sounds the landscape has to offer

Paint my heart with your sweet words

Climb with me, into every tree

See what's in store for us in the horizon

Dawn peeking over

The warmth of the radiance skims my cheeks

I have found who I am, and what I choose to do

I want to be with willing love

Take my hand, race me to the shores

Let the waves splash against your feet

And let everything sing to you

Let me hear your laughter

Us smiling wide

Now I'm part of who you are

The End

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