This piece WAS NOT made to push my views on the topic, but rather to point out the discrepancies in how "tolerant" we are to some view points.

I sit here with my mouth gagged and strangled

By the very people who claim acceptance and equality are the right angle. 

Unable to voice my opinion because of the fear of a strongly voiced comment or status on social media,

Well maybe posting my thoughts here will put me a step ahead of ya. 

You see, I had a friend who told me she hadn't done anything radical,

But what I think she meant is that she hadn't done anything fanatical. 

But fanatical does not equal radical; radical can be as simple as doing the right thing even when you know it means people might get mad at ya. 

I'm here to voice one opinion and that's that gay marriage is wrong. 

And you can sing a million songs and march a million miles,

But it won't change what I know is right and that's so radical even David Platt would have to smile. 

But you want to know a funny thing? I don't care if you know what my stance is,

Because chances are there's plenty out there who think like me but are too scared of the social barbs of those who claim equality and acceptance are today's top lessons. 

It's a paradox - and a paradox has no solution.

It just adds more confusion for those trying to break this humanistic illusion that man is the end to their own joy and satisfaction.

I just want everyone to experience the joy of Christ in the life AND the next but they've got to open up their eyes and see. 

But you see, there's only one way to that life and it's through a man who hung on a tree.

So if you've been too scared or haven't felt free to voice your opinion, I'm you're Will Wheaton - you can stand by me. 

The End

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