The Kiss Hello

She was a a girl of reservation and quiet repose

Sleeping awake, waiting for the moment that everyone knows:

A time where her heart's fate could be decided

By a knight in shining armor, a counsel most invited

She waited for rescue from what she was not:

A lover with a passion that boils more than the pot

She yearned for a favor from the opaque days:

A way out of the life that she called her maze

Sleeping awake, she noticed her toss-and-turns

And always tried to ignore the fiery yearns

But she knew that her flames inside could only be satisfied

By a knight with a love that showed and would never hide

Then came her rescuer, right on the very double

And with one kiss, freed her from all her trouble

He breathed a new life into her; He was some kind of fellow

She said goodbye to her old life, and to the new one, "Hello"













The End

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