Epic Poems for Subliminal Collab

A testing ground for poems/songs to be used in an upcoming collab by myself and HeyJude. Anyone is welcome to audition a poem or song.

HeyJude and I are writing a collab that will use song lyrics as a backdrop for what is going on in our story.

So, we are looking for one or more people to write some lyrics, the themes ranging greatly. The collab you would be assisting in takes place in the late middle ages. However, modern themes will be mixed in with the songs, the reasons being explained by the storyline.

The theme can be anything NOT MATURE with a fairytale spin. For example, you can take Cinderella and retell it how you wish, mixing it with other fairytales or other stories from the Middle Ages, such as King Arthur legends.

The story will also have room for other types of poems and songs, but we will start with tales of epic adventure and fairytale.

The End

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