Glass around the Molemullian City? Wtf

All of his life, Dave had never known
That the Molemullian city which was his home
Was a tiny enclosure in a city much greater,
Smack dab in the middle, in a glass container.

"What does this mean?" He wondered aloud.
"From my city, this place looks like solid ground.
But out here, it is clear, there's much more than dirt..."
(or much less, technically...) This made his brain hurt.

"So the glass is transparent from out here looking in,"
Dave tried to think clearly, once again
"But from the inside it creates an illusion
of untouched ground." This was his conclusion.

WHY? was the question. HOW? was also one...
Did the Leprechauns watch the Molemullians for fun?
"Who built my city? Leprechauns?! Surely not!"
Dave's face was beginning to feel a bit hot.

"Are we just some experiment for the Leprechaun King?
Do any of my people even know about this thing?
Are we stupid Molemullian puppets on strings?!
And HOW THE BLOODY HELL am I going to find those rings?!?!?!!"

The End

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