Song of Aid

Dave's ears were caressed by the gentle sweet tone,
And a beautiful glow, around the lady, did shone.
He wondered what sort of magic she held,
For her song and her music strongly compelled.

The woman, she spoke and Dave was entranced.
Down the small path, he slowly advanced.
"My child, trouble's nigh; you have a great task.
There is a great feat, of you I must ask.

"The war, it is rising; of this, there's no doubt.
The Molemullions shall fail if your help is without.
There is only one way that victory is yours:
It requires your bravery and t'is a great chore.

"To surpass the evil Leprechaun kind,
and bring down the King: The Rings you must find!
You hold in your hand, one of the six.
But just one will accomplish little but tricks.

"You need all of the rings, together once more.
And now comes the importance of this furry great door.
It will bring you to lands far from this place.
You must seek out the one with the warm, gentle face.

"He possesses a Ring and will give it to you.
His want is to help you, this is certain and true.
From there, he will tell you which way you must go;
The path to the second Ring, he will easily show.

"Please take heed of what I have said,
or your race of Molemullions will surely be dead.
Go now, and swiftly, through that great door.
I will certainly see you on your journey once more."

Dave was in shock but still feeling quite easy.
Her beautiful song had made him all breezy.
He wondered if he should do what she said,
And if, through that door, he really should tread?

The End

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