A Lady in Yellow

It stared at him blankly and gave a little burp

Then drank from its glass with a big ugly slurp

This one is not hungry thought Dave with hope

But when Dave tried to pass the badgel said “nope.”


“I’ve seen you before, somewhere far from this place”

At the badgel’s deep voice Dave’s heart started to race

“My people attacked yours, which isn’t very nice,

But you’re the only ones who make really good rice.”


“But seeing as we’re enemies and have met again…”

As the badgel prepared to fight Dave’s stomach shouted in pain

So he grabbed the badgel’s drink and guzzled it down

“Thanks for your help, I’ll see you around!”


He pushed past the red eyed fiend and on into the dark

But soon slowed his pace at the sound of a harp

Ahead on his path was a lady all in yellow

And her beautiful music made Dave quickly feel mellow.


As he slowly relaxed he noticed behind her

A huge fancy door all covered in fur.

He fingered his keys as his mind went all numb

For the lovely lady so prettily sung.

The End

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