Following the scent...

He made a decision – ‘twas made in  a snap,

Though ‘twould have been easier taking a nap.

I cannot procrastinate further, he thought,

I’ll follow the badgel, and risk getting caught.


Too long have I tarried and wasted my time.

There are people around who invest in this rhyme;

They’re getting impatient, and starting to scatter.

How Dave knew all this I’m not sure, but, no matter…


He jumped from the loft, almost twisting his ankle.

These constant mishaps were beginning to rankle.

In the wake of the badgel he followed the path,

I’ll just follow the smell – it’s in need of a bath!


So, Dave, holding his nose to diminish the stench -

For a lone unwashed badgel’s scent makes ones guts clench -

Tracked one smelly badgel, with nary a sound

But halfway through the tunnel the creature turned round!

The End

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