Stop and Observe

Inside the next tunnel, walking, then running,
He began to hear footsteps behind him, coming!
Was it the green devil? Or the creature who coughed?
Just then, Dave noticed a hidden little loft...

As he approached it, his running pace slowed
Just a head above him, it receded into stone
He jumped, and his hand grabbed the cold, damp ledge,
He heaved himself onto the loft and peered over the edge.

It only took a moment for the creature to appear,
and what he saw, it filled poor Dave with EVEN MORE fear.
It ran right past the loft, looking daring and quite agile
Hunting for something, or someone, was a single dirty badgel.

What to do? Dave asked himself, curled up in the nook
Back to the stairs and try a different tunnel than I took?
Or follow the badgel, sneakily though, and see where this tunnel ends
The badgels may be my enemy's enemy, and thus, in a way, my friends...

The End

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