Underground, Overground?


A path or a tunnel? Which one should he take?

The options so diverse, it made his head ache!

He looked at the exits, and counted the ways

Ten tunnels, eight pathways, he thought, in a daze.

He stood and he pondered, his chin in his hand

How foolish it would be to go overland.

Eight options discounted, which still left the ten.

Nine tunnels too many though. Choices again!

''I'll just take the first one, can always return

To this place, if I feel there's cause for concern.

I'll just take it slowly, and watch out for danger -

Strange noises, or scents, or a menacing stranger.''

So into the tunnel our hero set off,

But after two minutes he heard a small cough

He turned on his heel and fled, back to the stairs

And entered the next tunnel, saying his prayers.

The End

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