Fool me once, shame on you.

Poor Dave the Molemullian was getting quite tired,
but his fast running pace was something required.
The strange devil man might be catching up quick,
but he dared not look back for fear he should trip.

Dave finally saw something; a strange shadowy light
at the end of that tiresome, one million step flight.
At the bottom he saw, it was an underground lake.
But there were pathways and tunnels all over the place.

Now, Dave knew the blue water stuff was definitely trouble,
He learned, to go down there, he'd need an air bubble.
He scrapped that idea and took a different direction.
One he'd regret, upon closer inspection.

One thing he knew, he must get back to his home,
to warn the Molemullians of the war coming soon.
He'd tell them of danger and then save the day.
He warmed at the thought, but first, which path is the way?

The End

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