And think quickly he did, for Dave was ready to go,
He slipped through the door and slammed it on that green toe.
He looked for the other doors, but they were not there,
There was nothing at all, but a long case of stairs.

Stairs going up would have made Dave rejoice,
but in this situation he had little choice.
So he ran down the stairs as fast as he could
and kept running and running... it didn't look good.

They went onnnn and on.... forever it seemed
He began to think maybe he'd slipped into a dream
And speaking of which, he thought, as he lept,
How long has it BEEN since I've properly slept?

He kept leaping and bounding down the steep decline,
the ground zooming beneath him, three steps at a time
Is there even a bottom to this pit? He thought
And, if I reach it, will I be able to stop???

The End

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