Caught Between a Devil and the Deep Green Sea

Now comes the time for my contribution
Where Dave uncovers a plot of revolution!
Right at this time though he's still trapped inside
The War Planning Room - and there's doors still untried.

'Now Lad,' says the Devil, 'You listen to me
And I will ensure that you get out safely.
Of course, for my service, I charge a small fee.
Oh no, dear Molemullian, not GOLD! Why, your key!'

Dave clutched the keyring up close to his chest
For still there were doors that he had yet to test.
And therein the Twin-ring; that Leprechaun bullion.
(I'm suprised no-one yet has rhymed that with Molemullion!)

'I really don't know about this,' stammered Dave.
'The Molemullian's future is looking quite grave!
Yet the rings - should I find them - hold bargaining power.'
'Think quick,' said the Devil. 'They march in an hour!'

The End

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