The Devil and Dave

He wore a white suit, all covered in gems
So many there were, even sewn in the hems
And he smiled with a crooked, little devilish smile
His teeth were quite pointed, and Dave stared for a while

'Speak up young Molemullian. Your time it is nigh',
for I have a solution for you, and would I lie?'
Poor Dave, he was the trusting sort, of molemullian man
He would even give his money for an empty tin can

He smiled at the being, and felt his trust flutter
And the Devil, well his smile could melt butter
'First I should tell you, those boys down there,
they've known about you folk, since the time you were bare'

'They're planning a revolution, a war of sorts,
and they're bringing it to you and your city of cohorts'
Dave's eyes widened at this knowledge, he'd had no clue
But now this kind being was here, and he'd tell Dave what to do.

The End

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