Second Thoughts

Dave covered his mouth and stifled a yelp.
He was all on his own now, without any help.
One thing he knew; he wanted to go.
He wouldn't end up like that goblin on show.

Dave poked his head out and searched for the door.
It all looked so different; he couldn't be sure.
He kept a close eye on those tricky green devils;
being captured again was not something Dave reveled.

He took a small step, a hop and three more.
He now stood before an unusual door.
He thought it might be the one that he'd used,
but now it looked different.  Dave was confused.

He turned the knob slowly and hoped for the best.
He wished for the corridor in which he could rest.
A draft! He smiled; out there the air was much colder.
But before he could bolt, there was a squeeze on his shoulder.

The End

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