A gruesome warning

Without missing a beat Dave slipped into the room

Found an annexe to hide in, deep down in the gloom

For a while, held his breath, till he felt he was clear

Then relaxed and exhaled and said ‘Oh dear, oh dear.’’


From his safe little alcove he surveyed the place

Here,  surely, were most of the leprechaun race

He had no idea of the best way to proceed

But he should bide his time.  With himself he agreed!


Then he sniffed at the air with his tiny mole nose

There was something nearby starting to decompose.

The stench was distinct and it made him quite ill.

Looking left, he saw something that made him stop still.


Twas the corpse of a goblin, not two feet away

It was hung on a door as if put on display

A sign hung above it said ‘’Strangers beware –

For we leprechauns will be avenged – so take care!’’

The End

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