A Tough Decision

Dave was still uncertain but felt better than before,
Balou was very helpful; they were friends now, Dave was sure.
Dave gave a quick nod and a smile crossed his lips;
He was ready for the plan; for the first time, he was equipped.

"Right this way," said Balou, "the vault's not far from here.
But keep close for these halls are quite a maze, I fear."
Dave hurried after Balou, his mind all in a tizzy.
The path wound up, down, all around; Dave was rather dizzy.

Finally, they made it.  Balou stopped in his tracks.
"Door's just 'round there," he nugded. "Go on! We can't go back!"
Dave crept around the corner, unsure of what he'd see.
He looked up in surprise: there wasn't one door, there were three!

Dave's eyes went wide, his stomach fell.  His ears, they went red.
This wasn't in the plan, he knew.  Only one door, Balou had said!
"Balou?" He whispered in the dark; where had that mouse got to?
Dave stared again at all three doors; whatever would he do?

The End

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