"There's one thing," said Balou, "that they will not presume...
Do you still have those keys that I snuck into that room?"
"Why yes!" answered Dave.
"Good," said Balou,
"Now listen very closely. This is what we're going to do...

Those 4 keys are special, see, the King knows not I stole them.
Their doors are very seldom used, and there's no need to patrol them.
His Majesty holds the only keys; and keeps them locked away.
Indeed, I managed to take them, but I'll explain that another day.

I'll lead you straight to the secret vault, and you'll go get the ring.
Then follow me to safety; But I'll warn you of one thing:
O'Greary told his lady-friend to steal your ring from you,
And we'd better hurry, for she'll soon discover that you are not in that room.

If someone else should see you, just tell them you are lost
But if Seamus or his lady comes, you must run at any cost.
I'll try to keep ahead of you and show you the way out
But if you lose me, the exit is over that way and roundabout."

The End

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