A mousy revelation

Dave said ''Pleased to meet you, Balou, charmed I'm sure''

To the tiny wee mousie, and shook one white paw.

''For saving my bacon, so grateful I am

And I'll return the favour, whenever I can.''


''Enough of this flattery, Dave, and make haste

For we need to proceed to the hub of this this place,

Where the twin of your Ring can be found in the vault

Of the bank.  If we miss it, it will be your fault.''


So spoke this small rodent, the mouse named Balou

And the Molemullion, Dave, saw what he said was true.

With a secondary Ring, then his chances were doubled

Of escaping these perils - but Dave was still troubled:


''Oh, Balou, my new friend, I so hope you are right

But how can such small creatures as we in this plight

Gain access to a the vault of a Leprechaun bank?

It is sure to be guarded by ones of great rank.''

The End

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