A New Underground

Dave felt a draft, and his feet became colder.
He looked for the voice, and found, on his shoulder,
a tiny white thing, with not many a feature.
"Follow me," whispered the mousy creature.

It lept from Dave's shoulder and skittered across the floor,
stopping at what appeared to be a secret trapdoor!
He scratched and he nibbled at the crack in the wood,
lifting it up just as far as he could.

Dave gripped the trapdoor, opened it wide,
and followed his wee little companion inside.
"Do not say a word until I tell you it's safe,
for O'Greary and his friends are all over this place."

Dave silently followed; he crawled like a mole.
This was a strange place, but it reminded him of home.
His eyes had adjusted to the darkness in that room,
and he now found himself quite at ease in this gloom.

They stopped in a hollow just big enough for Dave.
"For now, temporarily," said the mouse, "we are safe."
"Where are we?" asked Dave. "And who are you?"
"In a hidden leprechaun city, and the name's Balou."

The End

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