A little help for Dave

He said,  ''Gurgle, don't ask me, for that I can't do

If you had the Ring, then I'd feel sorry for you,

For no fingers have you, and your toes are nowhere.

So you can't wear a ring, can you now? Have a care.''


Gurgle pondered on this and said,  ''Dave, you're correct

In your logic, but... sorry.  Your plea I reject.

For the Ring I can swallow.  In me it can hide

And its magic keep working while me it's inside.''


Dave quickly decided this creature was clever

And he realised arguing could take forever

So he flattened himself to the ground and lay low

And hoped that this Gurgle would just accept ''No!''


Nought was said for a while and then Dave heard a snore.

So redoubled his efforts to look for a door

When all in a flash,  a sound came to his ear.

The tiniest of voices squeaked ''Dave.  Over 'ere!''






The End

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