Gurgle's Domain

"Gurgle's the name and helping's my game
getting out is easier than you managed in
I apologize dearly for my salty speech
You see, lonliness manages here, not me

I've had not a visitor in many a year
since 'someone', not telling, has taken over here
I used to have friends and companions alike
until 'someone' told stories and drove them to flight"

Gurgle offered Dave a friendly boost up
but wanted something in return - just Dave's luck
"I have nought to give but many friendly thanks"
Gurgle just snickered and said, "let me be Frank"

"Don't try to say you've nothing to give
I see what you have on your finger - the ring!
Freedom aint free, didn't anyone tell you that?
Now give it here before I change my mind, you got that?!"

Now Dave ever-so weary of his new acquaintance
realizes his plight and Gurgle's lack of patience
Gurgle goes for it, and Dave dives out of the way
"What am I going to do now?!", to himself he exclaimed.

The End

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