The Bundle of Love

When Dave searched the final corner of the room,
Instead of finding nothing (and eternal doom),
He stepped on a big lumpy bundle of stuff,
which responded, in a voice that was grumpy and gruff,

"Arrrggh what the hell are you doin' here?"
and Dave gasped, and jumped a few feet in the air,
He calmed himself quickly and tried not to shout,
"I uhm... got stuck here... and I can't get out!"

The lumpiness growled and gurgled in its heap
as if it'd just awakened from a very long sleep.
"Can't get out? What the hell d'you mean?
Ain't no roof on this place, haven't you seen?"

"Well yes," Dave replied, with an annoyed sigh.
"But I haven't got a boat or wings to fly.
And I can't climb the walls, they're too slick and straight!
Oh, won't you just help me and not be so irate?"

The End

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