Dave would not give up, he would not give in,

no matter what happened, he was going to win,

he sat in the corner scratching his head,

how he longed for that comfy bed,

evil old Seamus and his evil lies,

Dave should have seen them in seamus' eyes,

eyes are the windows to everyones soul,

but tiredness and weariness and taken its toll,

Dave made a mistake he might live to regret,

but he would'nt give up on that you could bet,

Dave would get home, back to his life,

away from Seamus, and trouble and strife,

a plan had hatched, in his minds eye,

it was not simple, i will not lie,

for his plan he would need certain things,

plastic wood and feathers for wings,

he searched in the dark on his hands and knees,

hoping to find them, but instead found keys,

the keys fit the lock for his dank dark room,

he opened the door to a cupboard for a broom,

he counted the keys and he found four,

so Dave assumed there's another door,

he continued his search long into the night,

but what he found gave one hell of a fright,

The End

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