A Room With No View

Dave was hesitant at first, starting to get wise
But it was this room or the swamp, with no compromise
And the little man had helped, well up until now
He was still quite unsure, and Seamus raised a brow

'Come now me friend, I'll not harm your head'
And Dave suddenly saw, the most comfortable bed
His weary great head, it longed for that pillow
'Aye, look on my friend, come on, don't stand sill now'

And Dave, poor naive Dave, his inhibitions slipped
He hurried inside, as if Badgels at his heels nipped
The door slammed shut hard, and the bed disappeared
And evil old Seamus, he laughed and groped his beard

'Yee thought you were tricky, well I be trickier'
And thats when Dave realized, he'd gotten in thicker
Seamus disappeared, with a flash of his hat
And suddenly Dave was stuck, in a room as black as a bat.

The End

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