A Way THROUGH the Marshes

As he smeared off the muck from the grungy old door,
he realized... why bother? It was quite a chore.
So the door remained dirty and Dave reached for the knob
But before he could turn it, it started to throb!

First just the handle, but soon the whole door,
was pulsing and shaking, more and more...
Dave's curiosity bloomed like a flower.
It was calling him, he could not resist its power

He turned the knob slowly and heard the door creak
It was very very heavy and Dave's arm was weak
But he pushed it on open, and finally peered through,
to a room that was empty, but for someone. Guess who...

"Little Davey, ye came back to ole' Seamus yer friend!"
He took Dave by the shoulders and escorted him in.
"Seamus! You left me in the swamp with those badgels!
How dare you! You know that I'm young and I'm fragile!"

"Aye," Seamus said, "but I'm sorry, ye see...
Those badgels are bastards and they frighten me."
"Well I can see why," said Dave with a shiver.
"Never ye mind," said Seamus. "Come hither..."

The End

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