An Epic For All Ages

Now pausing the story, I hear most of you say
'This epic is for children, if I'm wrong than say nay'
Well to you, the readers, clucking tongues at this trough
I have one thing to say, make that two, bugger off

For this is a story of Epic proportions
And if I really want to I'll add some abortions
Because this is a tale that end's boredom's plight
And if you think I won't continue, just watch, I just might

Now back to the story, where Dave is quite ill
The upside of his feast was that there would be no bill
The downside of course, was that Dave got very little
All the rotting food had made his stomach quite brittle

So he sat and he puked and he sat there some more
Then all of a sudden, up jumped a door
From the depths of the swamp, it was covered in slime
Queasy old Dave, he walked over and wiped up the grime

The End

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