A Foul Feast

Dave sat in the swamp with his butt on a rock
Smelling what the Badgels had left of the croc.
The putrid remains were scattered on the shelf
Revolting enough that Dave puked on himself.

He washed himself off in the fetid swamp water
It was nauseating. His face became hotter and hotter.
He saw no immediate danger, however,
and found himself grateful that his ring was so clever.

Dave thought about food, oh how hungry he was!
How he wished he could do what he normally does...
Run to the kitchen, ask Mum for a snack...
How would ever, EVER get back?

He didn't know what in this world was edible.
And he found himself thinking of something incredible...
He vomited. Oh this situation was sticky.
But he realized he hadn't much room to be picky.

So, pinching his nose, he waded through the darkness,
Hoisted himself on the shelf near the carcass.
He picked up a bone with some meat hanging on it
And started to eat. vomit. eat. eat. vomit.

The End

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