All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Suddenly and then, before Dave could say boo
The puffballs they changed and turned into goo
The puffballs you see where flesh eating fiends
Dave was better off when stuck in the reeds

The puffballs they started, or gooballs I spose'
Towards Dave, who cornered between a rock and these bros
Poor Dave once again, was in a sticky situation
Though this sticky part would put him on a permanent vacation

Dave cried out once more, 'Oh ring please help'
And one gooball bit Dave's toe, and he replied with a yelp
'Oh geeze not again', the ring huffed and groaned
'How much more do I have to save you, before you are throned'

Dave didn't have time, to register this statement
Because before you knew it, he disappeared like a figment
Back to the swamp, where trouble first started
And dear lord, it stank, as though someone had farted

The End

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