The Puzzwhistlers Of Fantanak

Dave, horror in his eyes, walked and stumbled backwards
He looked but saw nothing of help but a tree and walked towards
Then quickly he hid behind, and heard the things getting closer
They made disturbing sounds, like burping growls, all a monster

Closer they hopped, making squishing sounds of water and air
Dave started shacking and on end stood his hair
He was too scared to run, and his head hurt, "I am done" said he
To no one in particular he whispered "Oh please help me"

"Yes? What kind of help do you need? Come now, say something"
Dave yelped and jumped at the voice then looked down, the ring!
"I...yes I need to get out of here!" Dave cried
"I told you, I'm too weak, I'm sorry but I already tried"

"Please do something!" said Dave, starting to think his end a fact
"As I have told you, I am too weak! You are the only one able to act"
"Then what must I do to keep them away?" Said he sticky with sap
"They love hard puzzles or a nice whistled song to make them nap"

Then a creature poked eyed toes around the tree
Dave tried whistling but ended up hissing, that won't get him free
And it hit him, the thought. He knew a very hard puzzle, he was it
"Do you like puzzles?" asked Dave "if so, it is hard, you should sit"

All hopping stopped, and the eyed toes blinked out of sync noisily
Dave calmer, went into a small clearing and sat down heavily
"Gather around I will tell you the hardest puzzle ever" he said in hail
"It's my story and you must find a way to help me" and told his tale


The End

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