The Power of the Ring

How did Dave come back into the ring you might ask
Well it has many powers to come up to the task
Of saving Dave and his furry brown butt
And this is not exception to pull Dave out of a rut

As Dave had been caught in danger's evil way
The he had called to the ring, to come save the day
It had heeded his call, but with much complaint on its part
For see this strange ring, it was alive from the start

And now it was useless, or so it may seem
For as Dave stood terrified the ring it did gleam
The bright line did shine, it shone and it flashed
And then Dave was gone, the badgels abashed

And where did Dave go? I'll tell you my child
He was suddenly miles away, in the deep wooded wild
The ring grumbled something and Dave cocked his head
'You're a bloody fat bugger to move!', the ring once again said

The End

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