Oh What To Do, When You Grow Up With No Shoes?

The badgels they ripped, they tore and they shred
And poor Dave was stiff with no sense to fled
The creatures they killed and they ate and they gored
Dave needed to get out of there before they got bored

But poor Dave he shivered, he shook in great fright
He was stuck to the spot, unable to take flight
And when the little meanies, were done with their meal
They spun around and looked at Dave as though he had appeal

The badgels you see, were tiny and small
Though size didn't make the beast, no not at all
They were run out in packs, they worked better in numbers
And they could catch anything, they were very fast runners

Little faces of devils, and all covered in fur
The bodies were small, resembling a giant burr
They possessed sparkling teeth, shiny and sharp
These weren't little creatures you would find playing a harp

The End

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