An Eye on Every Eye

Wading in the swamp, Dave hunted for treasure,
Up to his waist in the slimy displeasure.
Seamus sat in the boat while Dave combed through the kelp,
He could tell- Seamus was only pretending to help.

Just then Dave spotted a slippery rock shelf,
Covered in weed and not a meter from himself.
And alongside the shelf, well hidden in the mud,
Lurked a massive, reptilian luster of blood.

Startled as he was, Dave made no sudden moves.
The yellowish eyes studied him from their grooves.
This creature may be slow, he couldn't tell
But, truth be told, Dave was scared as hell.

Then out of the thicket, two things leapt on the thing's face.
"Badgels!" cried Seamus, "I'm outta this place!"
But Dave was aghast, because he recognized
These "badgels" and their evil red beady eyes...

The End

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