A Swamp in Every Surprise

Poor Dave, poor creature, he never would learn
For the Leprechaun, riches and power he did yearn
But Dave he was a trusting boy, and this fellow he did trust
Unfortunately in this situation, having smarts was a must

The wicked little man he did plot and he did plan
For Dave's demise, oh he so did want poor Dave to kick the can
His plot was then take the ring back to his wealthy King
And then, why he would have enough riches to make him sing

So as Dave was directed where to search by the little man
He did, oh its so horrible, he conjured up a plan
For in this swamp there lived a terribly murderous fiend
Of which the likes of, poor Dave had never seen

And in his travels small Seamus could see in his wicked mind
Poor Dave would be gobbled up and then left behind
O'Greary would have his ring and no creature to stop him
From taking it to his great King, oh for Dave the future was Grim

The End

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