Misgivings in the Marshes

Finally Dave saw the rainbow's end,
and ever so slowly they began to descend.
He was just getting used to life above the ground,
but was shocked by the strange new place they had found.

The boat landed gently into swampy wet land
Water, Dave noticed, when he reached out his hand.
There were so many trees, there was almost no light,
and that ever-present buzzing gave David a fright.

"Where are we?" he asked Seamus, who had not yet told.
"We're right 'ere, but the question is: Where is the gold?"
"The gold?" David asked. "But we left it behind...
back at that knoll with the troll, right?"

"Aye but there's more!" Seamus glistened with glee.
"For this is the END of the rainbow, ye see."
"I see," Dave replied, though he didn't, at all.
For then why had they stopped on that dangerous knoll?

What was Seamus thinking, just leaving Dave there?
He was lost in this world! Seamus didn't seem to care.
But Dave didn't worry; he had gold on his mind.
Somewhere in the swamp... if they searched, they would find.

The End

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